Tuesday, March 4, 2008

I love mohawks...?

This was a few days after mentioning my boyfriend has a mohawk:

Well I suppose it worked because I joined group and had a wonderful time. :D

Making Gold in WoW

Ok, so while I'm not a millionaire at the moment, at level 60 I find myself with 800some gold, which I don't think is too shabby. I have to admit that the whole concept of economy and gold in WoW fascinates me. (I like me my money.) I've looked up some tips for making gold as well as experimented with some of my own, and as I continue to try new things I will write about'em. Starbelly was telling me about one of his friends who stopped leveling completely at level 40 and just focused on buying low and selling high on the AH. With some patience he ended up with about 17,000 gold and accounted for 5% of the server's economy! Here are some of the best ways I have found to make some money:

1. Use the AH. The AH is your friend. Your best friend. Sell ANYTHING that isn't grey, and even some things that are. Basically almost everything that isn't vendor trash is used for some sort of recipe or quest. List as many things as possible, and the next time you log in, your mailbox should look like this:

2. Take advantage of seasonal quest items. Around Christmastime I managed to net about 15 gold just by selling [Small Egg]. Now normally they only sell for about 10s, nothing much, but during Xmas [Small Egg] is needed to make one of the Xmas recipes, which is needed for Xmas quest. I was selling these for about 1 g per every 5! And they were really easy to get in the low level areas, I could get around 20 in about ten minutes. Sweet.

3. Pick up a gathering profession. I know, I know, everyone tells you to do this. But it works! Because you can use the stuff you gather, and sell the stuff you don't. Win-win situation.

4. Buy out your competition. If I'm selling Runecloth on the AH, and I see someone has listed theirs at a price considerably below the average, I don't try to undersell them. Usually I just buy them out and sell the whole lot at my new, desired price. This has worked for countless times, because there is always someone who either doesn't know or doesn't care how much something is worth, and then screws everyone else over. Y

5. Run as many instances as you can. The fact remains you won't get as good loot outside an instance as in. The more instances you do, the more green/blue/purple BoEs you have a chance of snagging, which equals a profit when you sell them.

Monday, March 3, 2008

The Perfect Group

The perfect World of Warcraft group. It's what we all strive for when instancing or questing together. You know what I'm talking about: everyone does their job relatively well, there's no immature bickering over immature topics, no one is greedy with the loot, and everything just flows. I always feel so fortunate when I'm able to be in groups like this. No one pulls A Leeroy and constantly rushes ahead of the others (especially while casters are drinking), all the pulls run smoothly, and instead of blaming others, people are supportive and cheer each other on. If there's a wipe and it's somebody's fault, they own up to it and everyone else is cool, because sometimes mistakes happen. I don't know if it's a coincidence or not (you can tell me your own thoughts on this) but the majority of these great groups I've been in have had two healers, one main and one other DPSer that does back up. That way if things get really hectic and I'm defending myself or OOM, the backup can ensure that things continue to run smoothly. I have also noticed that once you get to the higher levels, eventually you start instancing with some of the same people over and over, and you start to get a groove going, and it works out nicely. I feel as though I am still sharpening my teeth with Tyramisu, but I am glad that I've been in some great groups. If you have any other thoughts as to what makes a group run perfectly, I'd love to know. ^_^

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Billy the cute little Dranei refugee kid

I did it. I reached level 58, and Tyramisu's got her little butt in Outlands! It's pretty cool so far, although my joy was somewhat dampened by the level of extreme lag I experience in Shattrath. (But that's probably my crappy computer more than anything else). My friend in real life and level 70 priest Starbelly is supernice and decided to play tour guide, showing me around and helping me get FPs. I was like a little kid, running around and looking at stuff whilst Starbelly graciously saved my butt numerous times as I did so. I haven't explored much so far, but I've learned this: While everything in Outlands looks cool, most if not all of it seems to be out to kill you. Dangerous things so far include: monsters that attack you from the sky, monsters that came straight out of the movie Tremors, monsters that are as big as buildings, and monsters that look like pretty butterflies but will tear your limbs apart if you get too close. The only safe discovery I seem to have made so far is this:

Billy the cute little Dranei refugee kid. He looks harmless enough right? ...Right?

Well, I'm off to explore (and die) some more. I wonder how much XP I can get off simply discovering new zones?

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Things that make me want to /scream

I will update these as I think of more to add...

1.  Making the painfully long flight from Orgrimmar to Un'Goro to do Alien Ecology quest, only to realize [Scraping Jar] is happily nestled in one of your bank slots in city.

2. Racing against another player to that mineral node/herb a second too late.

3.  Accidently placing item for 2 silver instead of 2 gold on AH...of course it's bought out before you catch mistake!

4. Random invites to party, only so player can advertise "cheap wow gold!"

5. Realizing that all those [Flask of Mojo]s  you gleefully found and sold are actually an item needed to level for your profession.

6. Clearing out an area so you can gather mineral/herb, only to have some stubby little gnome rogue stealth in and and take it before you can.

7. Members in party fighting and leaving in the middle of an instance.

8.  Grinding quests where the drop rate of necessary item appears to be 0.0000000000005%.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Finished BRD!

Aaah!  Tonight I finally managed to finish BRD, after two previously unsuccessful attempts.  I remember when I first saw Blackrock Mountain and the entrance into the instance, I was so impressed by how enormous it was.  Although it's a bit on the long side I had fun.  The bar area is super creepy to me.  Everyone in the bar is so....little, lol.  Little and drunk and the random laughter just seems on the creepy side...  Anyways, I happened to be the only caster with a party of mail and plate wearers, so I conveniently ended up with all the nice cloth items that dropped. I now have mostly blues. I ended up with some good +int and spell bonuses.  Also, I won some of the black diamonds that drop so I think that should help me with JC, I suppose I could go check the list of supplies if I wasn't so lazy at the moment. :P Even though we didn't finish the first two times I tried, the parties were still really good and enthusiastic.  Some highlights:
Warrior: "...! :D!"  (after giving out Prayer of Fortitude buff)

"...Statues must be terrified of this place!" (in the manufactory, where giant pieces of statues hang from hooks)

"Get off get off my turn!" (waiting in line to sit on the emperor's throne ^_^)

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

peaceful night of WoW

Last night I had the evening to myself so I decided to spend it playing some WoW, of course!  Joined a Sunken Temple group for fun mainly, I only had one little quest left for ST.  It's great when a group goes well and there are few to no wipes, everyone seems to know what they are doing and no one is stupid.  It went pretty well, and we managed to do everything in the instance I think.  I leveled to 53, got myself some new gear (I have almost all blues now), and talked with my friend about the myriad potentials of this game.  There are so many aspects of this game that can be a game within the larger universe if you let it: professions, moneymaking, fishing, etc.   Moneymaking on this game fascinates me, maybe because I wish I was better at it in real life...? ^_^  Right now I have 466 gold, which isn't bad for a level 53 I guess.  I plan on creating an article within the next couple of days of moneymaking tricks I personally like.  I do not use any mods atm, since I have heard too many horror stories of how they mess up your computer, but my friend made some recommendations and I might just add the auctioneer or cartographer one.  We'll see.  Five more levels until Outland!!